What a great end to the Pro-AM season! We made the hike down south to compete in rounds 4 and 5 of USDrift and ended up finishing 3rd on Sunday putting us in 5th place overall for the entire season. Not too bad considering we were unable to attend round 2! Looking forward to even better results in 2015 with some serious changes planned for the car over the winter.

I'd like to thank all of our sponsors this year for supporting us in the awesome fashion they did: Garret Turbo, Mishimoto, TiAL Sport, Liquid Powder Coats, GT Radial, SPEC Clutch, and also a big thank you to my wife and girls for putting up with the obsession, Tyson Strock for working the pits and fabrication, Tom Merkle for the tow rig and trailer, and my friends and family for all the help!

Summer Moves and Hot Moves with Club Loose this past month is a wrap. Grassroots drifting is still, by far, the most fun you can possibly have in and out of a car. Had a great time catching up with friends, working on cars, slaying tires, and being absolutely exhausted by the end of the day. Here's some RAW footage of the shredding that took place!

The DriftLogix team is proud to be partnering with a great company we met during the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration in Charlotte: EPAS Performance. We're going to be leveraging their trick new race electrical power steering assist unit to reduce weight, free up room for custom turbo manifolds, and get those tires at full lock as quick as possible with less effort.

EPAS Performance Electric Power Steering

In other developments, our Mustang was featured in the latest issue of Wrecked Magazine. Check out the full write-up below!

Wrecked Magazine Feature

We had a blast (as usual) with our Club Loose friends during their second Friday Night Drift Party event of the year. It was nice to get behind the wheel of the Mustang and start working out the details of the new suspension. Definitely time for some softer rear springs! Thanks to the new 4.10 Ford Racing gears and Garrett GT4094R turbo we had very little issues spinning the rear tires and generating lots of smoke.

The car was also on show at the Carlisle Performance and Style show this past weekend in building T. We were pleased to be invited to display the car as part of the Lowapoloza group. It's been a while since we've done a show but she cleaned up nicely!

Happy 50th Birthday Mustang! We were proud to have made it down to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the 50th anniversary show for the Ford Mustang. The car performed great on the track Friday as we put over 100 race miles on the odometer at over 150mph. The Garrett Turbo and TiAL hardware added instant power allowing us to pass on demand. We also had a ton of people stop by and say hello, asking about our InkSane graphics wrap and of course the newly Liquid Powder Coats rims. We also had our first in-person look at the new 2015 Mustang and can't wait to see it out on the track. I bet that new IRS will help it slide like never before!

A quick update as we just finished up some late night fabrication on our new front bumper support and crash bar. Everything has been Tig welded and tacked up ready for final positioning.

We dropped off the freshly powder coated rims by Liquid Powder Coats to get new tires mounted and balanced. Check out the pictures below to see their quality in action!

We are less than 3 weeks away from the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration event in Charlotte, NC. The DriftLogix team has been hard at work getting the car ready with upgrades including new custom coil-overs front and rear, wrapping the hot-side turbo, installing solid adjustable motor mounts and lowering the engine 1/2 an inch, upgrades to the rear diff for strength, 4.10 gear changes for more smoke in 3rd gear runs, chassis lightening, and prep for a new rear-mount radiator configuration!

DriftLogix is also proud to announce our latest sponsor, Liquid Powder Coats. You won't find a better option for powder coating. Plus, we've worked out a deal with them to help our our fans. 10% off; just call and tell them Chris Allen at DriftLogix sent you!!

Happy New Year! We're going to start 2014 off right with a bunch of sweet videos from last year's Slay Ride event:

We were pumped to get the invite for a first ever "Drag Race Your Drift Car" event at Englishtown, NJ! We headed out Friday night and literally did not change a thing on the car. Tire pressures, spring rates, and dampening were all set for us to slide the next day for the December surprise "Slay Ride" drift event. With a cold track and street tires we managed to put down the best time of the night of 13.0 at 118 MPH. Obviously that's nothing to write home about, but the 118MPH means we should be in the high 11s and low 12s with some traction!

Saturday was a blast and we had some excellent tandem runs with Reese Marin from Los Goonies later in the day. The first turn was a bit slippery and made for very interesting on traction/off traction entries. It was nice to get behind the wheel before the car goes into the garage for the normal winter upgrades. Although I think the first task is a nice cleaning because the Mustang is DIRTY!

We've added another event to our schedule! Get ready for some high-speed drifting fun @ Pocono Raceway on Saturday, November 2nd. We've been hard at work on the car in the meantime. The hood now features some GT500 heat extractor vents to help reduce underhood temps, the cooling system has been expanded with a separate overflow tank to aid in overall volume, and we've picked up a used set of Zeal coilovers that should hopefully be rebuilt, customized for our sway bar configuration, and on the car for Pocono.

As promised here are the latest and greatest pics from Freedom Moves 2013. We just finished getting the roof wrapped and our latest sponsor (Epic Tuning) added to the car too. I feel a photo shoot coming on soon!

Now that the Garrett GT4094R Turbo is fully installed we were pumped to put it to the test at ClubLoose Freedom Moves. The car ran hard all day despite the hot temperatures. We definitely have some cooling issues to work on (the turbo ended up melting the fan wires!) but the newfound power allowed us to run almost the entire track in 3rd gear smoking tires we could barely break loose at the beginning of the season. Check out the raw video below showing a full-course run with Ed and my in his 350Z convertible! Be sure to check back often; we'll be posting additional pictures in the next week.

We are pleased to announce our latest sponsor, Epic Tuning, in Allentown, PA. They have really pulled through for us in the past 2 weeks trying to get the Garrett GT4094R Turbo installed and ready for Round 4 of USDrift Sunday, August 18th. All the TiAL parts are installed, cold side finished and water/oil fittings and lines installed. We are currently working on installing the larger Ford Racing injectors, Kenne Bell Boost-a-Pump, and getting the ECU tuned and performing like a champ. Fingers are still crossed we'll make it! Thanks John and Craig @ Epic Tuning!

Epic Tuning